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Another adventurous tale from Oliver Chin, The Year of the Rabbit will be sure to keep children on the edge of their seats as they wait to discover how two friends help each other in need. Chin's descriptive storytelling will keep children enthralled and looking forward to his next zodiac book!" - Shirley Ly, Los Angeles Public Library Favorite Chinese New Year Books for Kids: This is the sixth in a planned 12-book series that introduces children to the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Oliver Chin introduces young readers to the characteristics of each zodiac animal through lively stories accompanied by exuberant illustrations. The Year of the Rabbit follows the escapades of Rosie, a long-eared hare with a nose for adventure. Along the way, she meets the boy Jai and other animals from the Chinese lunar calendar. By story's end, Rosie discovers that her unique traits serve her well. - China SproutRosie is a funny bunny with an ear for adventure. After getting caught "visiting" a nearby vegetable garden, Rosie befriends the boy Jai. Now what mischief will these two get into in this hair-raising tale?This sixth installment features all twelve animals of the lunar calendar. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. I m lucky enough to have a Rabbit living at home...too clever by far sometimes, but thank goodness he s nimble and resourceful, too, because like Rosie, he enjoys those run-for-your-life adventures way too much! - Smithsonian Book Blog I love rabbits, obviously, so 'The Year of the Rabbit' a sweet story about Rosie, a rabbit with extra-long ears, was right up my alley. Written by Oliver Chin with fantastic illustrations by Justin Roth, this book is another great Immedium release. A tale of friendship, bravery, and why sometimes its good to be just a little different, Rosie will hop her way right into your heart." Tokyo Bunnie"This bright and playful story makes the ancient tradition of the Chinese zodiac accessible to children everywhereThe Year of the Rabbit is a timely way for the youngest readers to get acquainted with this aspect of Chinese tradition."Paper Tigers The author/illustrator team of Oliver Chin and Justin Roth, who have delighted us with their zodiac books and pirate stories, are back with another story based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Rabbit is not first-baby-book reading, but it will still look cute on the nursery bookshelf. Plus, the story about a little boy and a bunny will still be a fun read when that baby is old enough to be all ears at story time. Sorry, couldn't resist." Cool Mom Picks Move over Bugs Bunny. 2011 brings on the Year of the Rabbit, and Oliver Chin adds another adventurous Tale from the Chinese Zodiac to his collection, The Year of the Rabbit. This tale introduces Rosie the Rabbit, who is born with super long ears, which brings her both misfortune and fortune. As luck would have it, a boy named Jai, whose grandmother would rather eat Rosie for dinner after getting caught raiding her garden, saves Rosie. Later on, it s Rosie who returns the favor to Jai in this fast-paced animated story. It definitely has a comic book flavor to it....Chin continues to creatively reveal the virtues of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac through his series. - BookDads "

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